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About e-Friend

e-Friend is a tried and proven e-commerce shop for retailer networks, purchasing pools and franchise enterprises. Made by HUCKELBERRY FRIENDS AG – Worldwide Creative Network.

What is e-Friend?

e-Friend is a unique, scalable master and satellite system for online shops and websites. Proven, powerful, modular, easy to use and fully responsive. The brilliant solution for innovative Internet presences and successful m-commerce and e-commerce.

Here are just a few impressive facts about e-Friend

Millions of hours of brainstorming invested
Individual modules
Years in development

Whether rain or shine, people go shopping every day with their cell phones.

-- Connor Mayfield --

The Team

HUCKLEBERRY FRIENDS AG is a broad networkof exceptional and highly experienced service providers and consultants.

Our Services

We’re not just offering you what is currently the best shop and image website system for retailer networks and their members, but also the world’s best sales tool.

„e-FRIEND sets new standards. E-FRIEND is so advanced, impressive and amazingly simple that one would have to invent it – if, that is, this remarkable milestone in software development didn’t already exist. e-FRIEND: Unlimited possibilities without compromise.“

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  • "Optically, the backend has to be as appealing and innovative as the front end. This is what’s put to use by your greatest capital: your employees."

    Connor Mayfield
  • "Tracking: The NSA has known the things it knows for quite some time now."

    Mr. Smith


A Short Selection of Modules

Imagine a fully-grown, gigantic whale in the ocean.
To be able to react quickly, effectively and more easily to increasing, uncommon and individual requirements, our whale would have to be even more gigantic and exceptional.
That’s why we meticulously re-thought and completely re-designed the whale. Now, it consists of hundreds of thousands of individual fish.
As a result, it’s many times faster than the last whale generation, more agile and countless path breaking swarms of fish can dock onto it. The e-FRIEND MODULE.

The Facts


Together with their members, many retailer networks face the following decision: “Central online shop” or “retailer-specific online shops”?

The only future-oriented solution is one that provides both: e-FRIEND.

The made-to-measure, tried and tested satellite shop system from HUCKLEBERRY FRIENDS AG.

e-FRIEND is the ideal m-commerce and e-commerce shop system for retailer networks, purchasing pools and franchise companies.


For many years now, HUCKLEBERRY FRIENDS AG has worked together with retailer networking groups and knows the special needs and requirements of these groups and their members.

The basis for e-FREIND is a central, well-designed master shop in which the network makes all of its e-commerce articles available. The individual members can include articles from the master shop in their own satellite shops. This process takes place automatically and in accordance with predefined parameters.

The available articles can be adapted individually, supplemented or included exactly as offered. Members receive information about new products, price changes, discontinued articles and trade fair premieres within the shop system, and can decide for themselves which articles they want to offer in their satellite shops.


Of course members can also submit their own articles, create their own goods groups and act independently from the network. The satellite shops are real, autonomous shops, listed comprehensively by the search machine Google in their respective regions where they can also be found.

Visually, they can also be made to suit the respective member. This way, even a small-sized company can have a sizable and professional online presence that it wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise.

The individual members running satellite shops profit from the further development of the e-FRIEND shop system. This goes for technical innovations as well as new modules and functions, mobile apps and legal changes in data protection laws and regulations applying to mobile and e-commerce.


Here’s a short overview of the FRIENDs. Depending on your network, these are the features that can be made-to-order modularly, adapted and expanded.

Our experience has shown us that after a one-day training session, every member can understand the system and start for themselves.

- When the master and satellite shop system is in use by the network, each member can be available online after around five days with a perfect shop or info portal
- Differentiation between shops and info portals (pure information without sales)
- Local availability of merchandise articles, which can also be reserved
- Special function: UVP Inspirations
- The newest, unique shop navigation and merchandise management linkage
- Self-explanatory backend with easy-to-understand, responsive design
- The latest technology guarantees readability on all devices, even mobile (no flash capability)
- Responsive web design
- Responsive shop design
- Responsive backend, responsive CMS, responsive frontend for successful m-commerce and e-commerce
- Simple article management via the shop backend or WaWi
- Shipment and direct deliveries (Suppliers have a separate supplier backend)
- Customizable shipping cost tool
- Customizable design: Members can visually individualize their shops
- Transnational system, one file multilingualism & SEO (navigation, VAT, Disclaimer), etc.
- Linkage to price comparison portals (idealo, Goggle Shopping, etc.), social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
- Compare articles per drag & drop


Responsive web design follows the user; the user doesn’t follow the rigidly constructed layouts of conventional image websites and online shops. Responsive web design provides flexibility across multiple devices.

That’s why additional mobile versions aren’t necessary.

GVery little upkeep necessary – web content is determined and uploaded just once. It can then be displayed on current and future terminal devices and resolutions with consistent ease of use.

Multiple URLs are not required.

Content can even be displayed perfectly on very large screens like televisions, etc. .

For editing purposes, e-FRIEND provides you with one of the world’s most innovative backend systems. It’s completely responsive and is adaptable to any screen. Fast, clearly arranged, modular, state-of-the-art technology; self-explanatory and as understandable as a children’s tv show.


Of course e-FRIEND members also have their own image pages at their disposal, as well as a unique, easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System) for maintenance of their own websites.

The basis is a central image page, on which the network provides plentiful thematic and editorial content for the image websites of its members such as test results, brochures, etc. The individual members can use this content on own image pages.

This supplied content can be individually adapted by the members – or expanded, altered or implemented in original form. The members receive information within the image page system, and can decide for themselves which content they want to use on their own image pages.


The functions shown thus far provide a brief overview of what the e-FRIEND system of HUCKLEBERRY FRIENDS can do for you.

Because this system was developed by HUCKLEBERRY FRIENDS and built modularly, there are no limits to what it can achieve.

In the event that your company or network requires a function that isn’t yet provided, we’d be happy to develop it especially for you.

We don’t just want to offer you what is currently the best shop and image page system for retailer networks and their members, but also the best sales tool worldwide.



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